Certified Software Product Manager (ISPMA) – Excellence Level

Software Product Management Orchestration

To achieve sustainable success for their product, software product managers need to collaborate with a range of other business functions, from development to service and support. They are responsible to lead a cross-functional, virtual product team, where they typically must rely on influencing skills instead of direct authority.

Therefore, product managers need to excel at leadership skills like conflict management and negotiation. They must understand the objectives, internal structures, and processes of adjacent business functions. They need to establish clear roles and responsibilities for working together with team members and stakeholders.

With lots of interactive exercises, role plays, and discussions, this course helps software product managers to better understand and address challenges they face in interacting with critical business functions. They will hone their leadership skills and learn to identify opportunities for establishing more effective collaboration processes.

The training is part of the internationally recognized training curriculum and certification scheme established by the International Software Product Management Asso­ciation (ISPMA®).

Participants will be prepared for the ISPMA® certification exam Certified Software Product Manager (CSPM), Excellence in Orchestration.

Available Courses

The training is available as inhouse course or public class in English or German.

It is delivered by Software.Process.Management, Dr. Andreas Birk.

Public classes will be offered from time to time in Germany, in the Karlsruhe/Stuttgart region.

For inhouse courses or for upcoming public classes get in touch with us using our contact form or e-mail.

Training Characteristics

2 days, max. 12 participants

Training language: English or German

Course materials and certification: English

Target Audience

Product managers, product owners, and other stakeholders shaping product management

Prerequisites: Software product management skills corresponding to ISPMA® The Foundation – demonstrated through certification or based on industry experience


Orchestration Techniques
Leadership skills for software product managers, role clarity and process models

Orchestrating Other Functions
Key concerns of each function, typical conflicts with software product management and how to solve them

  • Development and User Experience Design
    Including agile development and DevOps
  • Marketing
    Contributions to marketing, define your market
  • Sales and Fulfillment
    Impact of sales cycles, buying cycles, and channels
  • Delivery Services and Support
    Positioning offerings through service and support

Complex Interaction Scenarios
Handling complex situations that require orchestration of multiple functions