Certified Software Product Manager (ISPMA®) – Excellence

Strategic Management

Most software products are part of a larger product portfolio. Therefore, they have dependencies to strategies defined at the portfolio level or even at the corporate level.

Software product managers are typically required to provide product-specific inputs that help shape these higher-level strategies. At the same time, higher-level strategies define boundary conditions and objectives that need to be respected by individual software products.

To optimize success of their products, software product managers need to understand the rationale behind higher-level strategic management activities – and the levers they can pull to influence them.

The training is part of the internationally recognized training curriculum and certification scheme established by the International Software Product Management Asso­ciation (ISPMA®).

Participants will be prepared for the ISPMA® certification exam Certified Software Product Manager (CSPM), Excellence in Strategic Management.

Available Courses

The training is available as inhouse course or public class in English or German.

It is delivered by barbara hoisl, strategy & business planning. Trainer is Barbara Hoisl.

Public classes will be offered from time to time in Germany, in the Karlsruhe/Stuttgart region.

For inhouse courses or for upcoming public classes get in touch with us using our contact form or e-mail.

Training Characteristics

2 days, max. 12 participants

Training language: English or German

Course materials and certification: English

Target Audience

Software product managers, managers of product management teams, and other stakeholders in strategic management of software products

Prerequisites: software product management skills corresponding to ISPMA® The Foundation – demonstrated through certification or based on industry experience


The course helps software product managers to better understand and to participate more effectively in higher-level strategic management activities:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Portfolio Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Resource Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Product Analysis

The training is highly interactive and firmly grounded in industrial practice. It uses current examples from the US and Europe, including SaaS and internet products.

As a participant, you will be able to reflect and evolve your relationship to higher-level strategies for your own products.