Certified Software Product Manager (ISPMA) – Foundation Level

Software Product Management: Certified Software Product Manager

This training teaches state-of-the art practices for planning and executing product management activities. Novices receive a comprehensive introduction to software product management. Experienced product managers get the opportunity to reflect their current practices, and to optimize the balance between short-term and long-term product management activities.

The training is part of the internationally recognized training curriculum and certification scheme established by the International Software Product Management Asso­ciation (ISPMA).

Participants will be prepared for the ISPMA certification exam Certified Software Product Manager (CSPM), Foundation Level.

Available Courses

The training is available as inhouse course or public class in English or German.

It is delivered by Software.Process.Management, Gerald Heller. Trainers are Gerald Heller and Barbara Hoisl.

Public classes are offered regularly in Germany on the Seminaut.de platform.

The next class will take place February 26-28, 2018 in Munich. Register for this course here (registration in German).

For inhouse courses or for public classes in English get in touch with us using our contact form or e-mail.

Training Characteristics

3 days, 2 trainers, max. 12 participants

Training language: English or German

Course materials and certification: English

Target Audience

Persons who substantially contribute to product definition and product design

In particular product managers, product owners, IT application owners


Introduction and Foundation
Software product managed as business, ISPMA framework for software product management

Product Strategy
Product definition, positioning, delivery model, price structure, ecosystem management, protection of IP rights

Product Planning
Product life-cycle, requirements engineering for products, release planning, roadmapping, impact of development methodologies (agile)

Strategic Management
Product planning embedded in company strategy and portfolio management, market and product analysis

Collaboration with other Functions
Roles and responsibilities, collaboration with development, marketing, sales, service, and support