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What do software product managers do all day long?

What is part of their job?

And how does this fit with the responsibilities of adjacent roles?

That’s what our live online training is all about. It is particularly interesting for anyone working closely with software product managers – for example, in development, marketing, sales, or in operations and support teams of software organizations.

  • You will gain clarity on the role of product managers, specifically for managing software-based products
  • You understand the difference between product owner and software product manager
  • You will understand how to improve collaboration between product managers and their counterparts


The ISPMA® (International Software Product Management Association) has established an internationally recognized body of knowledge for software product management. It considers the unique characteristics of software and the typical organizational setup for developing and marketing software-based products.

This training provides an overview of the role of the software product manager, and how it relates to adjacent, and often overlapping, roles.

The content is fully aligned with the body of knowledge for software product management by the ISPMA®.

Our Course

  • 2 x 2,5 h live online training sessions, scheduled on two different days
    plus a total of approx. 2 hours individual assignments: before the first session, and between the sessions
  • Learn from recognized experts in software product management:
    Barbara Hoisl and Gerald Heller
  • Case studies and exercises based on software products from global leaders
  • Max 12 participants per class
  • We deliver an interactive and engaging online training experience,
    using Zoom for communication and Conceptboard for interactive exercises

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the activities and responsibilities of Software Product Managers (SPMs)
  • Understand the role of the SPM, and the overlaps and differences with other roles, such as product owner (PO), user experience professionals (UX), and project manager


  • Role and Responsibilities of Software Product Managers (SPMs)
    Introduction to the framework for software product management of the ISPMA®
  • Software Product Strategy
    Why it matters and which elements are required
  • Software Product Planning
    In particular medium-term planning (beyond one release) and roadmapping;
    continuous requirements engineering;
    balancing product strategy requirements on one hand,
    with tactical/short-term needs on the other hand
  • Collaboration with other Functions
    What it takes to successfully orchestrate activities across different functions;
    why this is a key and time-consuming responsibility for SPMs;
    difference between SPM and product owner (PO),
    collaboration between SPM and user experience professionals (UX)

Who Benefits from this Class?

All roles that substantially contribute to product definition and product design, for example

  • product owner (PO), user experience professionals (UX), software architects,
    digital product designer, entry-level software product managers,
    from SAFe: Release Train Engineers / Solution Train Engineers
  • team leads or managers from adjacent functions,
    for example, from development, marketing, sales, operations, or support

This orientation class is also suitable for

  • managers and executives
    looking to understand the role and responsibilities of software product managers,
    in order to evolve their organizational setup


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490 € regular price


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This training is offered by Gerald Heller – Software.Process.Optimization.
Trainers are Gerald Heller and Barbara Hoisl. 
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